Because this was the third birthday I’ve celebrated here, and because I’ve done the answer all of my birthday messages publicly ‘thing’ in the past, this year I wanted to save your dashes from too much birthday-spam, and do it a little differently so I could save your messages this year to remember, and try to respond privately. 

I actually only published one message from my inbox, and that was mainly because it was a mutual-birthday celebration with my birthday-twin, Gabby (and because I just HAD to post that Hawaii 5-0 photo for her!).

I still have a ridiculous amount of messages to reply to, and many of you have unexpectedly left me completely speechless today. - I’ve been so overwhelmed that at some point earlier tonight I feel like I just lost the words to properly convey how much all of your support means to me… I will hopefully be able to find my words again, and respond privately to the rest of you tomorrow. 

My brain is a bit fried right now, probably from an overload of staring at my laptop & phone (and I’ve even missed about 95% of my dash today!), so I may not be fully coherent by now, but I wanted to just thank you all again, for the messages and posts […and if you posted something, and I didn’t at least reply to it, I probably never saw it, because we all know how faulty the tag-system is here.. In fact, I almost missed Jen’s amazing post tonight because it never showed up in my name-tag!]

Wow, I’m really rambling tonight, I think that means I should probably just stop typing & say goodnight…

Goodnight Tumblrs! xoxo