So I don’t flood your dashes, here are the rest of my pics from Saturday night.  Some with me in them, and some that I took… I think a couple of these may have been posted by others already.

  1. I was so happy that jamarcucci was able to make it there! - She is so funny in person, and I still crack up when I think of the “Tumblr Calendar” poses she was doing (with animal-hat on, of course!) - I wish I had gotten a shot of that pose!
  2. Marienotmaria is absolutely adorable in person, and so full of energy! - Also, she’s an incredible hugger! :D
  3. I think Sara may have posted this one already, but I love Amanda's face in this pic, and you can never have enough of either one of these awesome women on your page!
  4. Ahh, sweetheatherbee… the only person I received an ass-slapping from the entire weekend. Full of energy, fun, & of course vodka-soaked Gummi Bears! 
  5. I love this shot of Michele & Phunny. These two women are Fucking AWESOME! - I love you both, and you can "suck my power" again anytime! […WHAT?! - I’m talking about the portable battery-operated iPhone charger I brought with me, and let them use that night! - Get your minds out of the gutter! :P hehe]
  6. OMG, Tara!!! I want to walk around everywhere with Tara next to me- she made me feel so tall! I wish someone had gotten a shot when I had her on one side of me, & Shira on the other… I finally felt super-tall in that moment! - Tara was one of the people I was really looking forward to meeting, and I so wish we had more time to talk & hang out this weekend.
  7. And finally the wonderful, sweet Tracey. We have even better photos taken together, but I think they’re all on Patrick's phone. She was another person I was dying to meet, and she's so much fun in person! (…And please, no apology kik’s are necessary! - At my height, “boobs-in-the-face” just happen sometimes!)

And yes, I realize that I have the same huge smile on my face in *every* photo from Friday & Saturday nights… My face still hurts from smiling so damn much!

Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever smiled as much, or have been hugged as much (by soooo many different people) as I was between those two nights… Just an absolutely incredible weekend!